About Us


Bijoux Terner is a fashion accessories company that has been helping fashionistas all around the world look great for less since 1974.  With our irresistible low price and incredible assortment of watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pashminas, belts, scarves, bags, and so much, much more, you can always afford to keep up with the latest trends. And, with boutiques and merchandise in nearly one thousand locations in more than 60 countries across 6 continents around the world, you can find that perfect accessory in every corner of the globe.

Bijoux Terner was born in 1974 from the mind of Salomon Terner in Miami, FL but the story really begins over a decade earlier. Terner, known affectionately as “Moni,” left his native Cuba in 1960 after the communist government nationalized his family’s business.In Cuba, Moni had been the president of the National Association for Handbag Manufacturers and, shortly after arriving in the United States, he launched a handbag manufacturing business of his own operating out of the basement of a local department store. From those humble beginnings, Moni soon found success designing handbags for airline flight attendants. By 1965, his young business was supplying handbags to more than 80 percent of airline carriers. Today, two of his handbags are on permanent display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

 In 1974, Moni founded Bijoux Terner. Originally opened strictly as a jeweler, the company soon began distributing custom designed jewelry at wholesale prices out of malls and merchandise marts. Before long, Bijoux Terner’s line expanded to include other fashion accessories. Moni’s daughter, Rosa, decided to follow her father and soon joined the company. With the two of them at the helm, Bijoux Terner enjoyed steady growth over the next 20 years.

Then, came the idea that changed everything. In 1997, Moni and Rosa decided to try selling all of the jewelry and accessories at an underperforming kiosk in Miami International Airport at $10. The store sold the merchandise fives times faster than usual and, in just a few hours, sold out. Realizing that the simple price point was perfect for travel customers who were in a hurry, the company began targeting the travel retail industry with a simple price point strategy. Bijoux Terner boutiques sprouted up in airports, on cruise ships, casinos, and resorts all around the world.

In less than a decade, the company grew to over 400 locations across 25 countries. In 2006, after thirty-two years at the helm, Moni sold the burgeoning company to an investment group.