About Us

Bijoux Terner is not just a brand; it's a destination. A crossroad where affordable elegance meets the spirit of adventure. We are dedicated to redefining the boundaries of fashion, delivering an exquisite range that effortlessly transitions from sunrise to sunset. At the forefront of global fashion, we are uniting style-conscious #bijouxbabes with vibrant, on-trend accessories and ready-to-wear collections without breaking the bank. An emblem of international style, Bijoux Terner's influence ranges across kiosks, full-scale stores, and comprehensive product distributions scattered globally. Rooted deeply in delivering exhilarating shopping adventures, our brand continually curates fashion and travel accessories embodying the essence of "Destination Style.".

Our Story:

The Bijoux Terner legacy traces back to 1974, originating from the vision of Salomon "Moni" Terner in the sunny realms of Miami, Florida. Fleeing Cuba's political turmoil in 1960, Moni rekindled his passion for entrepreneurship and founded Bijoux Terner as a testament to his resilience and love for jewelry. The brand rapidly evolved, channeling its energies towards wholesaling custom-designed jewelry and eventually diversifying into a broader spectrum of fashion accessories.

1997 marked a pivotal moment. Embracing innovation, Salomon, alongside Rosa Terner, unveiled a full-fledged store at Miami International Airport, introducing a captivating single price point. The strategic move was more than they bargained for. Merchandise flew off the shelves, selling out within hours, revealing an unquenchable thirst among travel enthusiasts for hassle-free, straightforward pricing.

Spurred by this unprecedented success, Bijoux Terner expanded its horizons. Soon, the brand's signature boutiques graced airports, cruise ships, and glittering casinos worldwide. Within a decade, brand presence reached over 300 locations spread across 25 countries.

Today, Bijoux Terner stands tall, recognized globally for its unwavering commitment to quality and affordability. Our journey, while remarkable, is far from over. As we look to the future, we are excited to further captivate our #bijouxbabes, offering a wider array of product categories and persistently enriching our value-priced offerings. Join us in our quest, and make every outfit and every moment truly unforgettable. Dive into the world of Bijoux Terner, and let every day be a journey to "Destination Style."